Current Electricity

Current Electricity - Kirchhoff's Laws

Submitted by yjsoon on 27 March, 2006 - 9:53pm. Categories: Current Electricity | Files: Lesson Plans, Videos

Lesson plan on Kirchhoff's Laws, including activity worksheet.

This was the set I used for my lesson observation by my NIE supervisor. I can't upload the actual lab material because it's school intellectual property, but the gist of it is in the presentation file.

Warning: This was designed for a rather motivated gifted class ("muggers all", their form teacher tells me). The next class I tried it on -- also gifted ed, but incredibly rowdy -- it didn't work as well, but thankfully I wasn't being observed for them.

Potential Difference and Electromotive Force

Submitted by simonhcm on 17 February, 2006 - 2:09pm. Categories: Current Electricity | Files: Lesson Plans, Videos

The author gladly grants permission to anyone who wishes to reproduce the original works included in this lesson plan for non commercial purposes.

For those who are interested in why birds don't get electrocuted when they stand on the "live" conduit of the MRT tracks, here's the official reply from SMRT.

"There is an insulation material (PVC) covering the 3rd rail to prevent direct contact with the live 3rd rail. The PVC casing covers the top & vertical sides of the third rail. The bottom portion remains exposed for the current collector shoes of the train to slide along to draw traction current. The 3rd rail is supported at discrete intervals (approximately 6m apart) & held in place using 3rd rail insulators on arm brackets that are fastened to the track sleeper."

Link to NIE PGDE(SEC) Lesson Plan and Video Material before 2005

We will not be copying over material from previous NIE batches onto this site. Instead, you'll be able to access the wealth of material from our predecessors at Dr Yap's site:

There are a lot of lesson plans available catering for O Levels, A Levels and even lower secondary science.

In addition, there are also almost 30 videos of demonstrations. I am listing them below so that it can be searched by the search engine:

1. Surface Tension
1. Get Away
2. Make Way
3. Surface Tension
2. Accelerometer
3. Amazing Glass
4. Angular Momemtum
5. Balance an Egg
6. Balancing Nails
7. Burning Candle
8. Dancing wires
9. Egg In Flask
10. Egg Into Bottle
11. Electric Pen
12. Flying Metal
13. Icing Candle
14. Magic Glue
15. Moving Coil 1
16. Moving Coil 2
17. Pressure - Atmospheric

Electricity ICT Lesson

Submitted by akmal on 13 December, 2005 - 1:31am. Categories: Current Electricity | Files: Lesson Plans, Videos

Created by Akmal and Yingjie for our ICT module. We made a website which students explore in a games setting while filling up a worksheet. No special software is needed; just a good browser (meaning Mozilla-based or IE6+). Just unpack the zip file and point your browser to the index.html page.

Message us if you have any problems.

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