Static Electricity

Link to NIE PGDE(SEC) Lesson Plan and Video Material before 2005

We will not be copying over material from previous NIE batches onto this site. Instead, you'll be able to access the wealth of material from our predecessors at Dr Yap's site:

There are a lot of lesson plans available catering for O Levels, A Levels and even lower secondary science.

In addition, there are also almost 30 videos of demonstrations. I am listing them below so that it can be searched by the search engine:

1. Surface Tension
1. Get Away
2. Make Way
3. Surface Tension
2. Accelerometer
3. Amazing Glass
4. Angular Momemtum
5. Balance an Egg
6. Balancing Nails
7. Burning Candle
8. Dancing wires
9. Egg In Flask
10. Egg Into Bottle
11. Electric Pen
12. Flying Metal
13. Icing Candle
14. Magic Glue
15. Moving Coil 1
16. Moving Coil 2
17. Pressure - Atmospheric

Static Electricity

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1) PDF file with submitted lesson plan

2) ZIP file with presentation file, worksheets and other material

Any other material missing can be referenced from the links in the PDF file.

- Yinjie

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