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Could you please remove this michael guy.


Iron Science Teacher Competition 2006

Submitted by admin on 21 September, 2006 - 5:01pm. Categories: Messages

A public service announcement:


The inaugural Iron Science Teacher Competition was held in November 2005. It was also one of several activities held in commemoration of the International Year of Physics 2005 and the Centenary of Albert Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis (1905, the year in which he published his seminal papers). With the continued support of the Ministry of Education, the second running of this competition will be held on 15 November 2006.

Our Iron Science Competition is based on the very popular Iron Science Teacher programme run by the Exploratorium in San Francisco, USA. Their competition is based on the popular Japanese cooking game show, the“Iron Chef”. Their contestants compete to give “the most entertaining and informative science lecture” a short period after being given a “secret ingredient”. Past examples of the secret ingredient were dry ice, candles, ping pong balls, marbles, baking soda, tennis balls, a fruitcake, CDs, etc. That is, anything can be designated a secret ingredient.

Teachers Day Rally and Mass Lecture

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If you were wondering how to pass the time while attending the the Teachers' Day Rally or the Mass Lecture, here's one suggestion: play Bingo!

We've made a 4x4 Bingo set. To play is simple, mark each of the boxes when the event or initiative described within it is announced by either PM Lee or Mr Tharman. You win if you can get 4 announcements in any row or column; you are then required to jump up from your chair shouting "BINGO!!!" as loudly as possible in order to claim your prize.

The initiatives which might be announced are:
* smaller classes
* professional development opportunities for teachers
* hiring more "native" speakers to teach English
* any mention of NE or patriotism
* more teachers
* yet another acronymic campaign (eg TLLM)
* specialised curriculum; initiatives in life sciences, IT multimedia
* entrepreneurship
** more teacher aides or adjunct teachers
* pay rise
* Mr Tharman steps down
* "many peaks" (mention of sports school, arts school or any specialised schools)