Frequently Asked Questions

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SingaporeTeachersLearningCentre[STLC] is a community website for teachers to share lesson plans, demonstration videos, comics, diagrams, worksheets and other teaching resources. [STLC] is also a place for lively discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How did [STLC] come about?
A. A bunch of Singaporean trainee-teachers from the National Institute of Education PGDE(Sec) July 2005 batch were really interested to share their work with one another for learning purposes. It started off with a Yahoo!Group followed by a shared gmail account before this site was created.

However, [STLC] is inclusive. We welcome anyone and everyone to come in and use the resources on this site, and hopefully also to share their own content. [STLC]'s beginnings mean that it has a strong bias towards Physics and Math resources, but feel free to share other resources too. One constraint is that we are closely aligned to the Cambridge curriculum. There are already many other resource sites with content tailored for the American education system.

Q. I have registered for an account. Why did I not get a confirmation email?
A. Check your spam folder; mail from [STLC] is often mistaken for spam. Otherwise, contact the friendly site administrators.

Q. How do I look for resources on the site?
A. One navigation technique is to use the link on the left-hand column to "Browse by topic". Another way is to use the search box at the top right. It really does work very well.

Q. How can I contribute to the site?
A. Just follow the links that will allow you to upload files such as lesson plans or images, or just post a message to inform others where they can find more teaching resources. If you uploading a large file (more than 2MB), don't use the online upload system because it will be really slow. Contact the site administrators to figure out an alternative way to get the file uploaded.

Q. Why is the copyright fuzzy?
A. We are not lawyers, so we do not know all the details of how copyright work. Read the copyright section below for more information.

Q. How do I change my login name or password?
A.Go to "my account", and you'll see an "edit" tab on the page. You can change your login name, password and other account details such as uploading a picture of yourself.

Q. Can I edit or delete a post?
A.Yes! This is most useful when you forgot to attach a file to your post. For the posts that you have created yourself, when you view it, you'll see an "edit" tab. You can attach more/remove existing attachments and change the text and even delete the post.

Q. What if I'm posting something which does not fit the topic categories listed?
A. Tell us (the site administrators). We'll add it just for you.

Q. How do I keep updated with the latest posts on the site
A.The site has a RSS feed. Alternatively, edit your account settings to allow "content emailing", which will notify you by email of any new content.

Q. How do I contact the site administrators?
A. Reach them at

Q. What is the cleverbbq project?
A. The cleverbbq project built this site, before it was renamed to be more professional sounding and not scare people away. The cleverbbq project hopes to come back soon.


You do not transfer any copyright to [STLC] when you post on this website. Therefore, you should always strive to license your work. We recommend a Creative Commons license which encourages sharing of work. A good license to use is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

To add a Creative Commons license, just cut and paste the following text in your posting:

For a Public Domain License:

For a more-restrictive license requiring users to share their modifications

Vice versa, you should license or acknowledge any copyrighted work that you use, as well as keep within the law. For more information, you can visit the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. If you can make sense of it, educate us.


The use of the site means that the user agree with our licensing conditions. While we try our best to protect the legal use of copyrighted materials, it is impossible to ensure that users do not abuse such copyrighted materials. If anyone feels that their copyrighted materials have been shared, they can email us to remove it.

All materials are contributed by users and shared "as-is". The site is not responsible for the accuracy of the content.