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Countdown to NIE!

Submitted by rachel_rq on 27 April, 2006 - 11:27am. Categories: Messages

Hi all fellow trainee teachers!
I hope everyone is still alive and kicking!
The 9th week of practicum is almost over, and the 10th week would also fly by in a while.

Its been quiet in this network, so i've decided to make some noise. Would like to thank the ppl managing this Learning Centre as well as everyone who has contributed.

I've benefitted alot from the shared resources here, but i am also guilty of not posting my materials. (oops). I will be posting my ppt slides soon (let me have some time to tidy up), hopefully it will benefit others as well.

I hope more of u will share ur materials too. =)

See u all at QCP & QCM again soon!

Best Regards, Rachel Chng

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